Marco Avigni

Marco Avigni, residing in Liestal, Basel-Landschaft Canton in Switzerland, has been working as a freelance artist since the 1990s.
He has created an extensive oeuvre with a multiplicity of large-format pictures in different styles and techniques, beginning with classic modernism, with a growing discernible impact of form-dissolving movements.




Born and raised in Arlesheim (Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland)
Artistic education in applied graphics at the Kunstgewerbeschule (Art School) in Basel (today: Fachhochschule für Kunst, Technical College for the Arts)
Worked as a graphic artist in various graphic art and advertising studios in Basel
Professional reorientation in the late 1970s
Second course of study at the Advanced College for Social Work (Höhere Fachschule für Sozialarbeit) in Basel
Additional training in system therapy and supervision in Basel
Long-standing work as the Operating Manager of the Culture and Social Work Department of the city of Liestal
Beyond that and in addition (since the 1990s), freelance painter and designer


An extensive and complex oeuvre of different creative orientations came into being over the course of the past 20 years (influence of classical modernism as a starting point; development under the influence of Cubism toward abstraction and ornamentation).
The gallery of this site presents a representative selection of his work, a multiplicity of large-format pictures in oil, acrylics and in mixed technique.
With the exception of a few exhibitions, his artistic work has remained unknown to the broader public for the most part up to now.

Coming out

The artist is now seeking ways of public relations to make his work better known to the public.
Options include art exhibitions in galleries, art fairs and alternative forms of exhibiting.

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